About us

The Tendency for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International is an internationalist grouping result of the merger of the Liga Operária Internacionalista (Brazil), the Corriente Obrera Revolucionaria (Chile) and the Corriente Obrera Revolucionaria (Argentina), in the year 2016. This merger was made after a period of discussion and common praxis by the three organizations. We have the goal to make a contribution in the need to establish the theoretical-political premises for the rise of a new generation of revolutionary Marxists, that overcome the postwar Trotskyite centrism and rebuilds the Fourth International.

The TRFI held its first Congress on November 17th and 18th, 2018, in Buenos Aires, where there were voted the thesis, resolutions, operating method and leadership. It took place in the middle of political and mass processes that are currently going on in the different countries, as a result of the capitalist crisis that has cracked the bourgeois structures marked by imperialist decomposition. More than ever it is mandatory that the Trotskyites establish and debate the guidelines for an action, a theory and a program for the struggle for the world proletarian leadership, that is the Fourth International.