Call for an International Conference for the reconstruction of the Fourth International

Friday, 20 May 2022 20:50


The world situation finds us workers facing the consequences of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the economic, political and social crisis.  We are witnessing worldwide inflationary processes and an increase in food and energy prices as a result of the war and the economic sanctions pushed by imperialism against Putin's Russia. This is combined with debt crises in the semicolonial countries and attacks on the labor movement. All these factors are hitting hard at the living conditions of our class.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is developing in the midst of a decomposition of imperialism and a process of assimilation of the former workers' states. American imperialism is trying to regain world hegemony, showing its historical weakness, while the bureaucracies at the head of the former workers' states of Russia and China are trying to maintain the place they have conquered within the capitalist system in crisis.

The so-called "Special Operation" led by Putin’s government against Ukraine has been invading for more than two months now, trying to impose by military force the conditions of a new status quo on the world stage, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dismemberment of the USSR.

Meanwhile, NATO uses this war conflict to accelerate the process of assimilation of the former workers' states, trying to impose on them conditions of a semi-colonial character. Thus, in the Ukrainian territory unfinished historical processes are being defined, in the need of survival of the capitalist system.

As it could not be otherwise, the assimilation of the former workers states is posed in the world arena and not in the particularities of each country.  That is why we support the revolutionary unity of the Ukrainian and Russian proletariat against their current governments, against this war that does not defend any of our interests as a class.

For internationalism to develop it is of first order the reconstruction of the Fourth International, to provide a revolutionary leadership to the working masses that are going through this historic process, to regenerate a workers vanguard that can give a Marxist perspective to the world proletariat.

We call to an International Conference to the Trotskyist currents that still claim the dictatorship of the proletariat, maintaining that the tactics to try to solve the crisis of revolutionary leadership must always be internationalist, since even in the intervention of our currents in each country, we must start, in a maximum effort, from the support and development of our central tasks, oriented to promote the awakening of the revolution in all countries. This is the mechanism to avoid falling into particularisms and adaptations to bourgeois institutions.

The need to materialize this International Conference is to open a debate within the Trotskyist organizations, on the importance of the construction of the world party and its national sections at a time when the ideas of movements or electoral coalitions prevail, which then enter into crisis, as we see for example with the PSOL of Brazil and its support to Lula, or the NPA of France and its campaign in common with Melenchon’s France Insoumise.

Opening this debate to the militancy and to the comrades we influence will allow us to be able to intervene in this world scenario, from a Marxist perspective.

For the internationalist unity of the workers against imperialism and NATO. For the expulsion of the Russian troops from Ukraine!


COR Chile - LOI Brazil - COR Argentina


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