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Russian troops out of Ukraine. For the internationalist unity of the proletariat against NATO imperialism

March 7th, 2022

The so-called "Special Operation" of Putin's government against Ukraine has already been going on for 12 days, trying to impose by military force the conditions of a new status quo on the world scene after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dismemberment of the USSR.

Meanwhile NATO uses this war conflict to accelerate the process of assimilation of the former workers' states, trying to impose semi-colonial conditions on them. Therefore, in the Ukrainian territory unfinished historical processes are being defined, in the necessity of survival of the capitalist system.

Of course, the assimilation of the former workers’ states was going to be raised in the world arena and not in the particularities of each country.  That is why it demands of revolutionaries to devote themselves to the urgent task of regrouping the forces to develop a revolutionary leadership, which in this epoch is the reconstruction of the Fourth International, to regenerate a worker’s vanguard that can give a Marxist perspective to the world proletariat before the scenarios of war to which the imperialist countries and the Bonapartist and restorationist leaderships of the former workers’ states are leading us.

Putin brought the ghost of Lenin to the war scenario, accusing the revolutionary of being responsible for Ukraine having ideas of an independent nation, when it should always have been part of greater Russia. We must remember that it was the leadership of the Russian revolution that innovated with the state form of the dictatorship of the international proletariat, what they called Federation, and from there it was proposed to Ukraine self-determination for them to choose how to relate to the open revolutionary process. The Ukrainian population decided to join the Federation of Soviet Republics and that historical milestone showed the superiority of a conscious leadership against the policies of imperialism of annexations and colonialism reigning. It is that part of history that they do not want to tell in this situation, it is that ghost that they try to hide and it is precisely from where we revolutionaries must start to deploy our policies, from the most advanced that our class has given, as were the federations. That is why we support the revolutionary unity of the Ukrainian and Russian proletariat against their current governments.

Lenin maintained before the First World War, at times in solitude, that it was necessary to convert the war into civil war against their governments. With that line he succeeded in convincing a large part of the revolutionaries and it was one of the most outstanding military tactics of the imperialist epoch. However, in this situation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine we must rethink military tactics, since it is an unprecedented event in history that former workers’ states in the process of assimilation to capitalism go to war. The class dynamics of these transitional formations is different from that of the consolidated bourgeois states. We must raise "Russian troops out of Ukraine" and the need to confront the government of Russia and Ukraine with a proletarian insurrection that destroys the process of capitalist restoration underway. This insurrection must be inscribed within the tactic of revolutionary war, as Lenin posed, in the task of this being part of the complementary revolutions defined by Trotsky, to prevent the processes of assimilation to the capitalist system.

We maintain that the workers of Ukraine must defend the factories and their organizations with arms in hand, that is to say, they must form a proletarian leadership against the invasion. And the Russian workers must impose workers' methods to stop the invasion and join the Ukrainian proletariat in the need to turn this war into a revolutionary war. It is evident that these tasks cannot be carried out alone, for that the world proletariat must come to their aid, mainly the proletariat of the countries that make up NATO, and in the heat of these class struggles we must rebuild our international leadership which is none other than the IV International.

For an urgent international conference with the currents that still raise the need for the dictatorship of the proletariat where we advance in internationalist actions.


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